KSI praises Logan Paul’s “huge” WWE WrestleMania 37 appearance

. 1 year ago
YouTube: WWE / KSI

British Rapper and YouTuber KSI has praised his one time boxing opponent Logan Paul after the American appeared at WrestleMania 37.

KSI and Logan Paul’s boxing matches were some of the most viewed boxing events of all time. The feud between the two appears to have receded, though, after KSI took home the win in the pair’s rematch.

Since their second fight in November of 2019, both men have been broadening their horizons. KSI’s music career has gone from strength to strength, while Logan appeared on the WWE’s WrestleMania coverage.

He was, once again, playing the villain, pushing Sami Zayn to the floor and raising Kevin Owen’s hand in victory. Owens, though, responded with a Stone Cold Stunner onto Logan, who was left sprawled on the canvas. It was an appearance that, despite their one-time differences, impressed the British YouTuber.

Speaking about the moment in an April 15 YouTube video, KSI was full of praise for the performance of Logan, describing it as a “huge” moment for the American and his career.

“Yeah this is huge for f**king Logan man,” KSI said. “WWE you know. Look at that, bang. And he sold it well, as well… That’s sick, I’m happy for him.”

He even compared Logan’s reaction to the Stone Cold Stunner to that of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, praising the way the American sold the knockout.

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While the two appear to have laid their feud to rest, Logan’s younger brother Jake is in the middle of one with ex-MMA fighter Ben Askren. The pair will meet in a Cruiserweight boxing match on the night of April 17, 2021.

KSI, on the other hand, is experiencing unprecedented successes with his music. He did weigh in on the Askren/Paul fight, asking the ex-UFC man to “do the world a favour” and knock Jake Paul out. We’ll find out if he can soon enough.

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