Logan Paul gifts himself a literal dinosaur leg for his birthday

Logan Paul Dinosaur LegWikimedia Commons / Instagram: Logan Paul

Logan Paul stunned fans with another crazy and expensive purchase, and this time, he’s treated himself to a $40,000 dinosaur leg to celebrate his 26th birthday.

Celebrities and internet personalities love buying themselves crazy and expensive gifts from time to time. However, it’s hard to name one that has gone more all-out lately than Logan Paul. 

Logan has spent more than two million dollars on Pokemon cards, including $150,000 for a first edition Charizard.

However, his latest purchase, which also happens to be a birthday present for himself, might be the craziest one yet. It’s a full-blown authentic dinosaur leg that set him back $40,000.

Logan Paul on ImpaulsiveYouTube: Impaulsive
Logan Paul loves treating himself to wacky and wild presents.

Logan announced the news on Twitter. “Bought myself a birthday present,” he wrote.

The ‘Duck-Billed’ Dinosaur Leg is a fossil from a herbivorous dinosaur called the Parasaurolophus that walked the Earth around 73 million years ago.

The leg stands at eight feet tall, which is no surprise since the dinosaur is estimated to be much bigger. It consists of ten separate pieces arranged and presented on a custom black metal swivel stand. It has been described as “museum quality,”

It’s one thing to own an expensive fictional dinosaur card. However, an actual leg fossil is something else, even if it only costs a fraction of the price.

Logan is proving himself to be quite a collector in recent months, and after the massive payday he’ll get from the upcoming Floyd Mayweather fight, it won’t be long before his house turns into a museum.