KSI wants Ben Askren to “do the world a favor” and knock out Jake Paul

Alex Tsiaoussidis. Last updated: Mar 29, 2021
KSI Ben Askren Jake Paul
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KSI weighed in on the upcoming boxing match between Ben Askren and Jake Paul, and although he’s a little concerned about Ben’s punches, he wants him to “do the world a favor” and knock out Jake.

Olajide Olatunji, better known as KSI, has dabbled in the world of boxing once before. He famously beat Logan Paul in a split decision during their professional debut in November 2019. 

Neither of them have fought since. However, Logan is set to square off against Floyd Mayweather sometime this year, which is set to be a controversial fight given the disparity between their experience and skill.

Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother, has been far more active. He beat YouTuber AnEsonGib and NBA star Nate Robinson by TKOs. But now, for his next endeavor, he’s going to step into the ring against Ben Askren.

KSI doesn’t have much faith in the younger Paul brother though. In fact, he hopes Ben Askren can teach him a lesson.

KSI faces off with Jake Paul in the boxing ring.
YouTube: DAZN
KSI has butted heads with Jake Paul in the past, even though they haven’t had an official fight.

“Did you see the way Jake slapped Ben’s ass or punched him?” he said. “I think for Jake’s sake, let’s say he slapped his ass. Because if that was a punch, oh deary god. Ben didn’t flinch. He just walked off.”

“I hope Ben f**ks him up. But I ain’t gonna lie, Jake does look big compared to Ben. He looks quite big. And from the boxing skills that I’ve seen from Ben…  it doesn’t look great. My man’s not really using his body with the punches. It’s no hip. It’s all just arms.”

Still, he believes it won’t be an issue as long as Ben “smothers him” and “can take his punches.” If that happens, he thinks exhaustion will get the better of Jake, and Ben will steamroll him.

He wrapped things up by re-asserting that Ben Askren’s boxing skills “don’t look great from the footage we have seen.” However, he’s still rooting for him and begged him to “please do the world a favor and knock out Jake Paul.”

The relevant part of the video happens between 5:30 and 7:10.

Ben Askren vs Jake Paul is happening on April 17, which isn’t too far away.

The eight-round professional boxing match is set to be a thriller, with lots of pride and ego on the line.