Logan Paul floored by Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 37 with Stone Cold Stunner

Brad Norton
Logan Paul and Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania 37

Logan Paul was booed throughout his WrestleMania 37 appearance alongside Sami Zayn, though Kevin Owens made sure fans went home happy after hitting him with a stunner to make even Stone Cold proud.

After debuting on Smackdown two weeks prior, Paul was locked in for an appearance at the ‘grandest stage of them all’ — WrestleMania.

Unfortunately for the social media star, fans at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida weren’t all too pleased to see him.

Walking down the ramp, the older Paul brother was met with an outpouring of boos from the crowd. His reception was so poor, in fact, that WWE even edited in the sound of applause midway through for viewers at home.

He was there as Sami Zayn’s special guest though Paul didn’t get involved in the physical matchup before the final bell. Kevin Owens got the pinfall victory over his longtime Canadian rival and only then did Paul enter the ring.

Looking to congratulate KO on the win, Logan Paul soon got in a scuffle with his partner. After pushing Sami Zayn out of the ring and basking in someone else’s Mania moment, fans soon got what they were after: a devastating finisher on the YouTube sensation.

Kevin Owens kicked Paul in the groin before connecting with an emphatic stunner which set the crowd ablaze. Paul sold the devastating move better than most celebs before him, resulting in one of the loudest pops of the night.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the highlight to catch fire across social media as well. Paul was trending worldwide on Twitter thanks to the “kick heard around the world.”

“Logan just got stunnered on WWE,” his younger brother Jake said in response to the drama. “At this pace, it’s really starting to smell like a rise of the Paul’s part 2.”

While Logan Paul’s presence inside the square circle might have been short-lived, there might be a future in WWE for Logan. With just one quick sell he managed to elicit one of the biggest reactions across both nights of Wrestlemania 37.

He’s no Bad Bunny when it comes to building a proper match, but maybe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the Paul’s in WWE.

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