KSI doubles down Jake Paul fight for end of 2023

KSI sat on boxing ring in black tanktopYouTube: LADbible TV

KSI has doubled down on plans that his long-awaited fight with rival YouTuber Jake Paul will be taking place in late 2023, as told in a recent Q&A with fans.

Although Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with British boxer Tommy Fury is sparking interest from fans all around the world, viewers have been awaiting a far bigger grudge match for years now — Jake Paul vs KSI.

These two have had beef ever since KSI’s first match against big bro Logan in 2018, which also marked Jake’s first foray into the boxing ring.

Over the years, the two have made no bones about their desire to face off someday, and it seemed like things were finally shaping up for an official fight in late 2022.

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Notably, the two stars appeared to agree on a bout for 2023, but there’s been no word of a signed contract between the fighters in the following months, with Jake openly mocking KSI for appearing to “duck” him.

KSI confirms plans to fight Jake Paul in December 2023

KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, claimed that KSI would take three fights in 2023 — and according to the man himself, his last bout might just be the one fans have been looking forward to all this time.

KSI recently fielded a Q&A session with young fans at a boxing gym via Ladbible TV, where a fan asked when he’d be meeting Jake Paul in the ring.

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“End of the year,” he answered. “Yeah, yeah. Hopefully December.”

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This is far from the first time KSI has said as such. In fact, KSI made similar claims just last month, although he reiterated that he wanted another big fight ahead of his meeting with Jake in order to amp up his Misfits Boxing brand even more.

“There are two goals for me. Misfits I want it to be bigger than the WWE, as big as UFC. Then, Jake Paul I want him flatlined. Simple,” he said.

For now, it’s looking more likely than ever that these two social media giants will close out the year with a bang — but until then, Jake’s got to defeat Tommy Fury before setting his sights on KSI.

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