Jake Paul calls out KSI for ‘ducking’ boxing fight questions

YouTube: Jake Paul/Flagrant

Jake Paul took aim at KSI for seemingly ducking MrBeast’s question about when the two YouTube megastars might finally fight.

After KSI beat Logan Paul in his professional boxing debut back in 2019, it seemed an absolute certainty that he and Jake Paul would fight shortly after. Though, it’s been three years and it hasn’t happened yet.

While Jake has been racking up wins over MMA stars for the last few years, KSI has been slightly less inactive. However, the pair haven’t stopped exchanging shots and speaking about a potential superfight.

There have been rumors that they might fight in 2023, but KSI has acknowledged he’s got some work to do before he’s ready to fight Jake. Though, plenty of people want to see it, including fellow YouTubers.

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Jake Paul suggests KSI is ducking their fight

It was a topic that MrBeast brought up as a guest on the Sidemen podcast, asking KSI when he might fight Jake. “Why don’t you just box him already,” MrBeast said when asked for a prediction on Jake’s fight with Anderson Silva.

KSI responded that it’s “easier said than done” but his answer appeared to get lost under the laughter of the other members of the panel.

Jake picked the clip up and posted it to his Instagram stories, saying: “Avoiding the question so hard.” Though, he also added a row of ducks to that message, implying that KSI is ducking the whole situation.

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As noted, the pair have stated that they’d participate in a “winner takes all” fight at some point, but Jake has also made noise about making the move into MMA, which would certainly hamper the fight’s prospects.

It remains to be seen if they will actually ever fight, but fans and content creators alike are desperate for it to happen, so it’d be silly to not actually do it.