KSI confirms boxing return amid Alex Wassabi fight rumors

Virginia Glaze
KSI confirms boxing returnYouTube: JJ Olatunji

YouTube star KSI has officially confirmed he’s coming back to boxing as rumors swirl of a potential bout against influencer Alex Wassabi later this year.

KSI is one of the few YouTubers responsible for sparking the current ‘influencer boxing’ trend.

His matches against Joe Weller and Logan Paul kickstarted a movement that has most content creators at least considering a turn in the ring – either for clout, money, fun, or all three.

That being said, it’s been a while since KSI’s last boxing bout. He emerged victorious over Logan Paul in their November 2019 rematch, but since then, he’s been fully focused on his music career.

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KSI teases Logan Paul boxing collab digital concertTwitter: KSI
KSI and Logan Paul effectively sparked the current trend of “influencer boxing” that’s taking over the internet.

However, little bro Deji’s recent fight against opponent Alex Wassabi stirred up some beef between KSI and his American counterpart… so much so, that fans are convinced these two are set to face off sometime soon.

Comments from KSI’s trainer hinted that he was eyeing a bout in late 2022, while angry Instagram comments from Austin McBroom claimed that KSI had turned down an offer to fight him in favor of a turn with Wassabi.

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Austin McBroom Instagram story ksi alex wassabiInstagram: austinmcbroom
Austin McBroom appearrf to hint at a possible August bout between Alex Wassabi and KSI in a heated Instagram stories post.

KSI hits back at Austin McBroom boxing claims

According to KSI, McBroom’s claims simply aren’t true. The YouTuber-turned-rapper said he had no idea when his next fight would be and that no plans were in place to take on Wassabi — but he did say that McBroom had asked for “too much” in a proposed fight deal.

“I’m pretty sure we did try to set something up,” KSI explained. “He just asked for too much. He f**king thinks he’s Mayweather! If you’re just gonna be unreasonable, then piss off!”

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“I didn’t know about any deal with Alex or anything,” he continued. “I didn’t know anything about August. I know I’m fighting, I just don’t know when I’m fighting.”

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For now, it’s unclear when KSI will enter the ring next and who his opponent will be, but fans can rest assured that he is making his return to the sport of boxing in the near future… it just doesn’t look like Wassabi is in the cards (at least not while Bryce Hall wants a turn with him, first).

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