KSI blasts Jake Paul’s boxing skills as fight rumors continue to swirl

KSI next to Jake PaulYT: KSI / IG: JakePaul

Rapper and YouTube star KSI has cast major doubts on the boxing ability of American Jake Paul, claiming he’s had an “easier run” in the boxing world despite fighting a number of former cage-fighters. 

Ever since Joe Weller and KSI took to the boxing ring to settle their differences in February 2018, the world of YouTube/influencer boxing has spiralled into a major industry. We’ve seen fighters like Floyd Mayweather get involved, as well as former NBA stars like Nate Robinson.

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Two of its most prominent characters, though, have been KSI and Jake Paul. The British rapper beat Joe Weller and then matched up with Logan Paul in two bouts – drawing the first and winning the second. Jake Paul, on the other hand, sits at a record of 5-0 having beaten Tyron Woodley, Nate Robinson and Ben Askren (among others).

The two have been regularly touted as future opponents but KSI appears less than enamoured with Paul’s fighting talents.

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Jake-Paul-Tyron-Woodley-earnings-scaled-e1639178501191Amanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Jake Paul’s most recent win saw him KO Tyron Woodley in their second fight, after Tommy Fury pulled out.

Speaking in a recent episode of the Sidecast, the Olatunji expressed doubts over Paul’s boxing ability despite his unbeaten record. In doing so, he also appeared to pour cold water on fan hopes of a bout between the two.

“Bro don’t,” KSI said. “Everybody f*cking rates him, I don’t. I’ve dropped people in sparring and you’ve got to remember I’ve had very hard fights. Minus Joe Weller, I’ve had hard fights. F*cking Logan bro. It is not easy to put him [Logan] away… Jake definitely has had an easier run than I did.”

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logan-paul-ksi-third-fightInstagram: Logan Paul
Despite their fights, KSI is now friendly with Logan and the two have founded PRIME, a drinks company.

Plenty of people had been hoping to see KSI and Jake Paul settle their differences in the ring, but rumors have also suggested bigger names of the fighting world like Jorge Masvidal.

It remains to be seen if a fight between the pair will ever take place but, going off his comments, KSI believes he’d be the clear favorite.

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