Logan Paul & KSI gift YouTuber lifetime supply of PRIME after shocking achievement

HODGACK Logan Paul KSI Prime HydrationYouTube: Hodgack

A YouTuber by the name of ‘HODGACK’ will be receiving a lifetime supply of Prime Hydration directly from Logan Paul and KSI after he created three viral products for the company. 

After squashing years of beef, KSI and Logan Paul launched their sports drink collaboration Prime Hydration. The YouTube stars’ company quickly sold out of product and it’s been out of stock online since, although many US stores are slowly receiving inventory.

Fans and influencers around the world have experimented with the sports drink, including using it in the engine of a car and having it float above the clouds into another country.

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Over the last few weeks, ‘HODGACK’ has created multiple variations of the influencer-led sports drink and showed them off on YouTube — and he’s received the attention of Logan and KSI on Twitter.

YouTuber creates viral Prime Hydration videos

On February 10, 2022, HODGACK uploaded the first video onto his YouTube channel showing off his giant bottle of Prime Hydration. At the time of writing, the video has over 100,000 views after just two weeks of being uploaded.

The creator used a 250-liter water container for the project and claims it could hold 500 bottles of Prime.

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After his first video gained the attention of the YouTube stars on Twitter, he amassed over 25k subscribers and went on with his next project — making the world’s smallest usable bottle of Prime.

HODGACK’s purpose for the second video was not to break another record but to withhold a promise he made in the first video, which was to set up a ‘Free Prime Store’ to allow fans in the UK to try the product before it launched.

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Held on February 27, 2022, the YouTuber created his very own Prime branded bus to provide a station for him to give away the drinks that he separated into 100 small bottles.

Logan Paul & KSI offer a lifetime supply of Prime

Quickly after posting pictures of the bus on Twitter, Logan Paul replied with an offer of a year’s supply of Prime for HODGACK.

He said: “This guy made the world’s biggest bottle of Prime, the world’s smallest bottle of Prime, and now a Prime bus…@KSI let’s give him free Prime for a year”

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However, KSI had a different idea for the Prime superfan — and upped the offer to a lifetime supply.

The YouTuber quickly took to Twitter after finding out about KSI’s offer and asked his followers, “Who wants a Prime then?”

It’s unknown how exactly HODGACK will receive his prize, or if the process of him getting it has even started yet. We’ll have to wait to see if he updates his fans on Twitter.

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