Is KSI fighting Alex Wassabi? Manager’s comment sparks boxing rumors

KSI vs alex wassabiInstagram: KSI / Twitter: ShowStar Boxing

A recent statement from YouTuber Austin McBroom and KSI’s manager has fans thinking that KSI might face Alex Wassabi in the boxing ring after Wassabi defeated his little bro, Deji.

KSI is one of YouTube’s most prolific boxers. In fact, he essentially kickstarted the trend thanks to his successful bouts against fellow YouTubers Joe Weller and Logan Paul.

While KSI has managed to emerge with an unscathed 2-0 record, his little brother, Deji, has had no such luck.

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Following his bout against YouTuber Alex Wassabi, Deji’s boxing record now sits at a slow 0-3 start to his career.

KSI notably slammed his little brother in a video following Deji’s performance at ShowStar’s UK vs USA boxing event earlier this month, claiming he was “disappointed” in his bro’s boxing skills.

Wassabi appeared to take issue with KSI’s stance on the matter and called him out for “kicking your little brother when he’s down.”

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Now, rumors suggest that these two could be next to throw down in the boxing ring, if claims from YouTuber Austin McBroom are to be believed.

Austin McBroom sparks KSI vs Alex Wassabi boxing rumors

In an Instagram stories post, McBroom lashed out at KSI’s manager before hinting that KSI is set to sign a deal to fight Wassabi in August.

“Since KSI’s manager is full of s**t, going around telling people they offered me a deal and the reason why we’re not fighting is because I was asking for too much,” he began.

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“If that’s the case, before KSI signs the deal to fight Alex for August, sign the deal with me and I’ll fight for the same deal you’re trying to give to Alex. You won’t do that, though.”

Austin McBroom KSI alex wassabi instagram storyInstagram: austinmcbroom
Austin McBroom’s latest Instagram stories appear to hint at a possible August bout between Alex Wassabi and KSI.

KSI’s manager fuels boxing flames with summer event comment

A day later, KSI’s manager spoke out on Twitter and seemed to hint that KSI will be participating in a boxing event this summer, although it’s unclear who his opponent could be.

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Looking at his previous tweets, it seems that KSI’s manager was responding to Austin McBroom’s claims from his Instagram story the previous day.

Although nothing has been confirmed by any of the parties involved, a match between these two influencers would make sense — if KSI’s current musical career doesn’t have him booked up through September, that is.

For now, KSI’s boxing trainer, Leon Willis, says the YouTuber eyeing a fight in late 2022, leaving fans eager for news of the rapper’s return to the sport.

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