KSI admits he was “annoyed” by double KO victory against Swarmz & Pineda

Virginia Glaze
KSI annoyed by Swarmz Pineda fight after double victory

YouTube star KSI created a first in the world of influencer boxing by defeating two opponents in a single night… but he says he was a bit “annoyed” by his opponents.

YouTuber, rapper, and budding boxer KSI faced a myriad of difficulties setting up his highly-anticipated boxing comeback match for August 26, 2022.

After nearly two years out of the ring, KSI was initially slated to face off against American YouTuber Alex Wassabi — but due to a purported injury, his first choice in opponents had to bow out.

Next, KSI opted for British rapper ‘Swarmz,’ a pick that many fans weren’t happy with. Thus, KSI raised the stakes in a huge and totally unexpected way by introducing another fight in the same night.

At first, KSI was set to box against Bulgarian middleweight pro Ivan Nikolov for his second bout of the evening — but the boxer’s racist tattoos prompted DAZN to quickly drop him in favor of Mexican fighter Luis Pineda.

KSI “annoyed” by Swarmz & Pineda fights

The YouTuber finished off both his rivals in short order, obtaining two victories and marking a first for influencer-boxers…but despite his double-win, KSI says he was “annoyed” by his opponents and wished they would have given him a bigger challenge.

“Bro, I made it look easy,” the YouTuber laughed. “Swarmz came through with all this smoke — I hit him once and he’s like, ‘Nah, nah, I don’t want any of this.’ Same with Pineda! He’s a pro, he’s meant to be a pro, bro, he’s moving like a p***y, bruv!”

“Again, I hit him once, and he’s like, ‘Yo, I’m out, I’m already in Mexico, bruv. I need that plane back!’ …I’m there chasing my opponent. I was so annoyed, bro! I trained so hard to have two opponents just be b**ches.”

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Despite his grievances, KSI made sure to give his former rivals props for taking the fights on short notice, allowing him to have an unforgettable match that has etched itself into the halls of internet history.

For now, it’s unclear what KSI’s next moves will be — but it seems he’s got his eye set on fellow YouTube boxer Jake Paul for 2023.