Jake Paul brutally roasts KSI after boxing wins over Swarmz and Pineda

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul and KSI looking at camera and talking side-by-side

Jake Paul was seemingly less than impressed with KSI’s two fights in one night event, taking shots at his longtime rival after his wins.

After a three-year hiatus, KSI stepped back into the boxing ring on August 27th, fighting two opponents – Swarmz and pro boxer Luis Pineda – in the same night.

The British YouTube icon dominated both of his opponents, scoring a first-round knockout in the opening fight against Swarmz, and then going on to land a devastating third-round knockout in his bout with Pineda.

While the fans in attendance, pundits, and other fighters were impressed with his double duty showing, KSI’s longtime rival Jake Paul was less than impressed with what he’d seen from ‘The Nightmare’.

Jake Paul takes shots at KSI’s boxing wins

Shortly after the night’s main event – KSI’s fight with Pineda – had concluded, Jake weighed in on the result, claiming that a former opponent of his, Nate Robinson, would beat his rival. Which, if you remember the image of Nate laying flat out, KO’d on the canvas, is a bit of a barb from Jake.

His trash-talking didn’t stop there, though. After KSI called out a few names for potential future fights, including Andrew Tate, Slim Albaher, and Tommy Fury, he didn’t mention Jake in his firey post-match interview – which caught a few off-guard.

“Smart man KSI is not calling me out. He knows the truth,” Jake tweeted about his absence from the list of callouts.

KSI not calling out Jake clearly puts in doubt the fact that they’d somewhat agreed to fight in 2023 at Wembley Stadium in a “winner takes all” matchup. Jake himself believes that they’ll “never” fight.

The Brit also stated that he hopes to fight again in January, so maybe we’ll see another set of callouts there that includes Jake. We’ll just have to keep an eye on things.

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