KSI has found a replacement opponent for canceled Alex Wassabi bout

KSI vs Joe WellerYouTube: KSI

KS Ivs. Alex Wassabi was set to happen on August 27 before the latter fighter was forced to backout due to a concussion. Instead of canceling the event entirely, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has locked in a match with a familiar opponent

The internet was set ablaze by the announcement that JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji vs. Wassabi wouldn’t be going down as promised later this month. While rumors about what caused the two fighters to ran rampant, it soon became clear that Wassabi had been seriously injured.

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Only a day after the initial news broke, DAZN has made an official update that states that KSI will still be fighting and while it might not be the matchup everyone was expecting, there’s still plenty of drama to be found in the new showdown.

Swarmz to take Alex Wassabi’s place in KSI bout at The O2

Swarmz is a footballer, rapper, and even former KSI collaborator, but now the two of them will be facing off in a very different kind of arena.

While the two have been friendly in the past, Swarmz previously called out Olatunji during a June live stream and promised that he would knock him out if the two ever squared off.

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This announcement was teased by KSI as he continued his ongoing rivalry with Jake Paul, who recently canceled his bout vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. Hours before the confirmation made its way to social media, Olatunji claimed that he would honor his word “because my word means something unlike [Paul’s].”

While the Wassabi cancelation was surely a disappointment to the eager fan who had been following the weeks-long build-up, it looks like KSI is more than happy to take on a new challenge and deliver a show for the people who show up anyway.

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