KSI slams “annoying” DAZN for picking up Kingpyn boxing tournament

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star KSI shaded DAZN for their acquisition of Kingpyn after the promotion’s “high-stakes” tournament got canceled due to purported bankruptcy, calling the situation “annoying.”

The influencer-boxing scene is more robust than ever, with oodles of high-profile content creators hoping to test their mettle in the boxing ring.

However, some of these influencer-boxing events can run into trouble from time to time, with the most recent instance of this happening to Kingpyn.

The promotion promised a “high stakes” tournament with influencer-boxers starting in April. The tournament would then have a semi-final taking place in early July — but this card was ultimately scrapped when sources close to the company revealed it had filed for bankruptcy, as per Happy Punch Boxing.

This fact was not lost on KSI, who’d previously speculated that Kingpyn was going under weeks before their purported bankruptcy was made known. He openly laughed at the ordeal… but he wouldn’t be chuckling for long.

KSI reacts to DAZN acquiring Kingpyn after reported bankruptcy: “Annoying”

On July 7, it was revealed that Kingpyn’s boxing tournament had been acquired by DAZN, which will be streaming the semi-final on July 15.

According to KSI, he had no idea about this acquisition — something that comes as a bit of a surprise to fans, as his own Misfits Boxing signed a five-year deal with the combat sports streaming platform earlier in 2023.

KSI spoke out about the situation in a July 10 YouTube video, where he called the ordeal “annoying” and said he’d only found out about DAZN’s move via Twitter.

“Pretty sh*tty way to find out, on Twitter,” KSI admitted. “But, it is what it is. Fair play, Kingpyn. You live another day. Misfits is still number one, but yeah, it’s a bit annoying.”

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It’s clear that there’s still some bad blood brewing between KSI and Kingpyn… but for now, they’re streaming under the same banner.

As for KSI, his highly-anticipated bout with Tommy Fury looks more likely than ever after the YouTuber agreed to his rival’s preferred weight — on one condition.