KSI finally returns to YouTube to break silence on Tommy Fury fight

Shay Robson
KSI looking downKSI

KSI has finally uploaded on YouTube again to break the silence on his fight against Tommy Fury, where he was handed his first loss.

Following Jake Paul’s loss to the hands of Tommy Fury earlier in 2023, KSI wanted to prove once and for all that he’s the best influencer boxer.

After months of waiting, the British YouTuber finally touched gloves with Fury on October 14, going blow-for-blow with the Love Island on the highly-anticipated Prime Card — the biggest influencer boxing event we’ve seen to date.

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After six grueling rounds, it was ultimately Fury who took home the win with a majority decision before it was soon corrected to a unanimous decision. However, immediately there was a ton of backlash, as many claimed KSI was “robbed” of the win.

The YouTuber and his team quickly fired back at the “outrageous” decision, sending an appeal to the PBA — the governing body that sanctioned the bout. DAZN’s CEO even backed the appeal and demanded a rematch, agreeing KSI was “robbed.”

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KSI returns to YouTube after Tommy Fury fight appeal denied

On December 1 the PBA ruled there were “no grounds to overturn” the result. As promised, KSI has returned to YouTube with an upload on December 3 titled ‘So… I lost?” — during which he finally broke his silence on the result of the fight.

“It’s been a while, but there have been several reasons why. First of all, quite frankly I just didn’t feel like making a video,” he admitted. “Especially after the result of the Tommy Fury fight. I had trained so hard these past few months, working overtime to do what most people saw was impossible, and that was to beat Tommy Fury.”

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He added: “I felt like I had won the fight, so to have the judges completely take that moment away from me… it sucked. As soon as I got back home, I was angry, disappointed, and eventually, I just broke down and started crying.

“It wasn’t fair. Life isn’t fair. I looked back at the fight and tried to find any highlight, any showing of Tommy Fury beating me in that fight, and there is just hardly any.”

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The YouTuber went on to make note of how so many people thought he deserved the win, including Eddie Hearn, Israel Adesanya, and millions more. Not only that but he explained how Jake Paul even thought KSI would be crowned the winner before the announcement was made.

While KSI has lost the first part of his appeal, there’s still a chance for it to be overturned as his team continues to push to change “the wrong decision.”

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