Kai Cenat fans furious with Nicki Minaj for showing up four hours late to Twitch stream

Virginia Glaze

Kai Cenat sent Twitch into a frenzy when rap star Nicki Minaj showed up on his stream — but some fans were furious as she was four hours late to the broadcast.

Kai Cenat is one of Twitch’s top stars, famously breaking subscriber records on the site and even taking home Streamer of the Year at the 2023 Streamer Awards.

Throughout his career as an online entertainer, Kai has had the privilege of inviting several celebrity guests on his stream — not the least of which were rappers like Blueface and Offset.

Now, another major name in the rap game has graced Kai Cenat’s Twitch channel after Nicki Minaj showed up for a broadcast on the night of December 13… and although fans were super excited about this long-awaited collaboration, many were left upset when the stream didn’t start on time.

Kai Cenat streams with Nicki Minaj.
Kai Cenat broke the internet after streaming with rap legend Nicki Minaj.

Kai Cenat pulls 300K viewers despite Nicki Minaj being 4 hours late

As posted to Kai Cenat’s Twitter/X account, his stream with Nicki was initially scheduled to start at 9 PM ET, and was later pushed back to 11 PM ET. But things didn’t actually kick off until four hours after that, as the rapper was running late.

Despite this kerfuffle, Kai still managed to rake in 300K viewers in the middle of the night as fans poured in to watch one of the biggest names in rap celebrate the release of her new album, Pink Friday 2.

There were, however, quite a few viewers who were upset at Nicki for being so late to Kai’s stream. One reason for this was that the rapper was actually in an interview with influencer Funny Marco that seemingly ran over time.

“No shade Nicki Minaj, love you to the moon and back, but you told Kai Cenat 11:00 PM , it’s 2:15 AM,” a fan wrote on Twitter/X. “Love you, but that’s SUPER inconsiderate. He’s bringing you into his world and it’s over 300K people waiting for you .For you to be THIS LATE is insane. Show him that you value his time and platform.”

“Yo, Nicki being two hours late is lowkey f*cked up,” another said. “This ain’t no prerecorded sh*t that Kai can just cut down and pretend nothing happened. This **** is live and has to find a way to distract 300k people from the fact that they’ve been waiting two hours.”

Still others criticized the rapper for being late over on Reddit, where one user said, “Only took four hours of stalling. These celebs really don’t give AF about anyone. Watching Kai trying to just make sh*t up on the fly for four hours was funny but then I just started feeling bad.”

Although there were plenty of fans who were upset, many more were impressed that Kai still pulled hundreds of thousands of viewers in the dead of night for one of his biggest streams yet, proving that yet again, he’s still one of Twitch’s most prolific broadcasters to date.

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