Kai Cenat calls out Ninja for “backhanded” comment following his record-breaking stream

Meera Jacka
Kai Cenat and Ninja

Kai Cenat has called out Ninja for his “backhanded” praise after the former broke his all-time Twitch viewership record with Kevin Hart and Druski.

On June 10, Kai’s sleepover stream with Kevin Hart and Druski maxed out at 672,744 viewers, making it one of the biggest broadcasts in Twitch history. The impressive count saw Kai surpass Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ own personal best, which was a Fortnite stream with Drake that peaked at 616,693 viewers.

However, some viewers mistakenly thought Kai’s new record was the highest on Twitch and were quick to share the news with Ninja. While Ninja congratulated Kai on his feat, he also pointed out that the overall record was still held by Ibai’s La Velada del Año 3’s event at 3.4 million concurrent viewers.

Now, Kai has addressed Ninja’s comments, claiming the streaming icon’s “congratulations” was “backhanded”.

“I don’t blame Ninja for being mad at people coming to his chat and saying that,” Kai began, referring to the mass of viewers “spamming” Ninja about his record being beat.

But despite understanding that “could be pretty annoying,” Kai said he felt there was “certain s***” that Ninja didn’t have to say.

Telling viewers to “go back to the clips” showcasing past instances where he had passed Ninja, Kai insisted his fellow streamer “always backhanded complimented” him, calling it a pattern.

“He’s always said like ‘Congrats to him, but this happened’,” Kai explained, stating Ninja didn’t even have to “address it” and could instead ignore spam in his chat.

“It’s crazy to me because I looked up to Ninja… and I really believe that streamers have their own different lanes and different times.”

According to Kai, Ninja’s “lane” was that he was the “best gamer on the best game at the best time with the best people,” and there was no reason to compare that to Kai’s subathon or successes now.

“I’m just doing fun sh** and people like it, bro… I’m not doing all that sh** for the views and sh**, I’m just doing sh** that I genuinely find fun. It’s fun. My lane is being creative, doing s*** that people wouldn’t even imagine — it’s just fun, bro.”

Kai stated he had never spoken badly of Ninja and would “never take anything away” from the streamer, praising his past achievements. However, he hoped Ninja would stop saying “s***.”