TikToker vows to ink second Kai Cenat tattoo on face if ignored

Virginia Glaze

A Kai Cenat superfan is threatening to get a second tattoo of the popular Twitch streamer on her face if he doesn’t respond to her TikTok video.

Kai Cenat is one of the world’s most popular influencers, breaking multiple records on Twitch and taking home Streamer of the Year two years in a row at the Streamer Awards.

Kai’s exciting broadcasts have featured over-the-top fireworks battles, star rappers like Nicki Minaj and Offset, and have even caused riots to break out in the streets of New York City.

Kai’s popularity cannot be understated… and it looks like one of his fans is demanding his attention with an eye-popping ultimatum.

Kai Cenat streams with Nicki Minaj.
Kai Cenat broke the internet after streaming with rap legend Nicki Minaj.

Kai Cenat fan tattoos streamer’s baby photo on her face

In a seemingly deleted TikTok video, a user named ‘Presidential Rose’ showed off a tattoo she supposedly got on her face of Kai Cenat as a baby.

In her video, she explained that she started crushing on the streamer after meeting him for a broadcast about a year ago, and decided to go full send by tattooing one of his baby pictures on her left cheek.

“Realistically, I wasn’t expecting him to look the way he looked in person,” she admitted. “Like, he’s actually cute as f*ck. This little shrimp motherf*cker is cute as f*ck.”

That’s not all; she also threatened to tattoo his current face on her right cheek if he didn’t respond to her video in three days.

‘If Kai doesn’t accept this, I’m going to get his face on my face. Again. So Kai, I’m going to give you about 72 hours to respond to this, or I’m going to get your face tattooed on my face again.”

For those being skeptical if the tattoo was actually real, she posted a YouTube Shorts clip showing herself getting the ink done at a tattoo parlor, saying she would do a “storytime” about her facial art during a live stream.

This isn’t the first time a fan has gotten an influencer’s name tattooed on them as a way to get their attention. In 2023, a MrBeast viewer tattooed the YouTuber’s name all over his body until he met him in person — something he also did with FaZe Rug.

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