Nicki Minaj helps Kai Cenat break his peak Twitch viewership record

Dylan Horetski
Kai Cenat Nicki Minaj

By simply appearing on Kai Cenat’s Twitch stream, rapper Nicki Minaj helped the top creator break his peak Twitch viewership record.

Throughout the last couple of years, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has absolutely skyrocketed to the top of the site thanks to his infectious personality and various themed streams.

He’s had some pretty big names on stream recently as well, including artists Offset and Ice Spice.

Cenat’s broadcast on December 14, 2023, was his biggest yet, with Nicki Minaj showing up to help the creator break his all-time peak viewership record.

Nicki Minaj appearance on Kai Cenat stream breaks records

In the early morning of December 14, 2023, Nicki Minaj joined Kai Cenat on his Twitch stream, and it shattered his previous peak viewership record.

StreamsCharts also confirmed that the stream surpassed his previous record by over 40,000.

Kai’s stream with Nicki reached 348,593 viewers before leveling out to an average of just 227,874. Viewers watched his stream for just over an hour on average, which is shocking considering it was in the middle of the night for many in North America.

This beats his previous record of 306,280, which took place during his July 4, 2023 stream, where he and other members of AMP had a “battle” with fireworks inside of the streaming star’s house.

While this isn’t an overall Twitch record, Kai Cenat is no stranger to breaking those as well. Back in February 2023, Kai broke Ludwigs all-time subscriber record with over 300k and still holds it to this day.

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