Jschlatt follows in Corpse Husband’s footsteps and unveils Times Square billboard

Dave Deiley

It’s been a long time coming, but popular YouTuber Johnathan ‘Jschlatt’ Schlatt finally managed to put his face on a Times Square billboard, and his celebratory shot is taking over Twitter.

A full year has passed since JSchlatt lost to Corpse Husband in a neck-and-neck race to win a marketing campaign that saw the victor have their face and brand plastered all over a Times Square billboard in New York City.

He’s had some ups and downs since then, such as getting banned on Twitch and making his mark on Ludwig’s most profitable video to date. But he hasn’t let the loss go down lightly, and he finally got his revenge.

Jschlatt YouTube
Jschlatt has over 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

The comedic YouTuber clearly took last year’s loss to heart, referencing Corpse’s “We did it” celebration post by Tweeting out “I finally did it” with an image of the  YouTooz collaboration top his 2.8million Twitter followers.

The ad itself is advertising the almost sold-out Jschalt X Rammie plushie and slippers sale currently on the YouTooz website.

Schlatt’s enthusiasm for the billboard marks a distinct difference from recent YouTube convert Sykunno recently claiming that billboards have no effect on merch sales.

The advertised collaboration itself is almost entirely gone, and whether or not the billboard had an impact on the sale of the merch is not currently known. Jschlatt’s clear joy in the image itself is hard to deny.

With streamers like Amouranth and Ludwig taking to billboarded skies themselves, it’s clear that streamers making big steps into the real world is a wave that’s only building in momentum. Pushing the sphere of streaming entertainers further into the mainstream.

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