SteveWillDoIt slams “disgusting” YouTube for not unbanning his channel after 2 years

Dylan Horetski

Almost two years after his ban from the platform, SteveWillDoIt has hit out at YouTube in a post on X, calling them “scammers” for not reversing his suspension.

On August 1, 2022, NELK member SteveWillDoIt revealed that YouTube had permanently removed his channel for violating community guidelines.

He later revealed in an interview with Bradley Martyn that YouTube deleted his channel for indirectly promoting gambling. Steve explained that it’s against the site’s TOS to show the Stake URL on YouTube, and he accidentally did that in a video promoting his second channel.

On June 21, 2024, Steve took to Twitter/X to hit out at the Google-owned platform in a string of heated tweets.

YouTube shared a post on the platform that said: “You know what’s cool? Being kind to each other.”

It sparked quite the response from Steve, who quote-retweeted and left a couple replies with his thoughts about the platform.

“That’s what I did . You guys are f**king idiots. Likely? I gave away 90% of my income to help people on your platform and you cancel me?” he said in one tweet.

In another, he called the platform “losers” and said “you don’t give a f**k about people.”

“YouTube, you don’t give a single f**k about people. I gave away 90% of my income to people on YouTube and you cancel me?” he said in a quote-retweet. “You’re a bunch of liars. You aren’t real nice people. You are fake nice. Disgusting gross people. Until you reinstate my channel you are gross human beings that are scammers.”

YouTube has yet to respond to his comments, but fans of the influencer took to the comments to share their thoughts – and ask for the influencer’s channel to be reactivated.

“Hope they sort things out soon and reinstate your channel. Hang in there!” one user replied.

Another said: “So be kind to @stevewilldoit and unban him please.”

“Let SteveWillDoIt back on YouTube! Honestly, I stay off YouTube because you guys wrongfully banned his channel,” a third fan commented.

This comes just weeks after Steve hit out at MrBeast, calling him a “f**king loser” for not helping get his channel unbanned.

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