Ludwig slams trolls sending him death threats over Hasan drama: “They’re not humans”

Virginia Glaze

Streaming star Ludwig claims he received death threats after removing his YouTube video discussing the drama around Hasan’s comments about “real jobs.”

The drama surrounding Twitch streamer Hasan and his controversial remarks about broadcasting versus “real jobs” continues — and it’s pulling other creators into the maelstrom.

The latest influencer to catch a stray from the ordeal was YouTube star Ludwig, who uploaded a video discussing the subject after it went viral online.

However, Hasan made it clear that he didn’t approve of Ludwig’s video and claimed the YouTuber was simply “farming” the drama for views.

Twitch star Hasan is coming under fire after claiming that streaming is harder than working a “real job.”

It wasn’t long before Ludwig took the video down. This sparked a wave of speculation among viewers, who theorized that he’d removed it due to Hasan’s feelings.

Ludwig hits out at Destiny after backlash for removing Hasan video

However, Ludwig claims that this isn’t the case. He uploaded another video late on February 27, where he explained that he’d initially taken the video down after it received low views — something that didn’t look good for the sponsor being promoted in the video.

That’s not all; Ludwig also claimed that he received death threats after taking his video down, revealing a comment from one viewer who wrote: “Wish assassinations were still a thing.”

Ludwig was left gobsmacked after receiving death threats from viewers when he removed a video discussing the drama around Hasan.

The YouTuber was left gobsmacked by the intense response to him removing his video, saying he felt like he was being used in a “proxy war” by Hasan’s critics “on Destiny’s behalf,” a creator who has been at odds with Hasan for some time now — especially regarding his latest comments.

“What the f*ck are we doing, man?” he exclaimed. “I feel like a crazy person. But when I see all this division, I feel like they’re not humans.”

“When I see people online, they don’t feel human, man,” he continued. “It f*ckin’ blows my mind that a dude who used to watch me when I had 200 viewers… can now be a guy who’s wishing for assassination, ’cause why?”

Ludwig went on to theorize that this reaction is part of a bigger trend of viewers “hating on streamers” after the global shutdown, when their industry was “thriving” but most other people were “struggling.”

Ultimately, Ludwig understood that he and other top broadcasters come from a position of privilege, and is well-aware that folks might not take too kindly to their wealth — but is urging critics to “be human” in spite of their misgivings.

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