Hololive’s Ouro Kronii blown away by Times Square billboard birthday present

Ouro Kronii in front of Times Square billboardHololive

Ouro Kronii celebrated her birthday in style as fans shared their love and appreciation for the Warden of Time with her very own Times Square billboard. 

With a large following from around the world and being one of the most popular members of the Hololive Council, Ouro Kronii received a lot of birthday wishes. However, the most impressive was one that appeared on the Times Square billboard display. 

In fact, the popular Hololive Virtual YouTuber was stunned by the outpouring of love and support that was shown towards her. This ambitious project saw the community come together to celebrate the Time Warden’s birthday, with many viewers posting their very own artwork of the virtual idol. 

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Ouro Kronii reacts to Times Square billboard birthday display

It’s certainly not every day you receive birthday celebrations via a gigantic billboard, especially in New York’s bustling Times Square. Well, this is exactly what Ouro Kronii’s fans did for her birthday stream. 

The project was organized via the holoen.fans website, where Kronii’s community worked together to submit fanart of the Time Warden and post it on the NASDAQ billboard in Times Square, New York. 

“She is the Warden of Time and fun fact, she loves puns! Due to being Time conceptualized and her love for puns, us fans felt like it’d be a fitting gift to get Time in Times Square,” wrote one fan.

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It was clear a lot of work went into organizing this surprise event and loads of fanart of Kronii was posted on the billboard. 

“Man, these are so cool. There’s so much art too,” said Kronii. “Thank you so much guys, look at that, just look at that! Everyone’s going to see how great you guys are, thank you. I’m surrounded by so many talented and amazing people. Infinitely better than every ad on Times Square, that’s right!” 

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It was clear that a lot of love went into creating this display and it certainly made Kronii’s birthday celebrations all the more special. Quite what her fanbase has planned for the Time Warden’s next birthday remains to be seen, but the Times Square display will certainly take some beating. 

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