Amouranth reveals new mysterious billboards with a prize for anyone who finds them

Twitter: WildKait

Twitch star and noted 7-11 owner, Amouranth, has brought back her ‘mysterious’ billboards with a prize for tagging her in pictures of the locations.

After only just dropping out of the top 20 most-watched streamers on Twitch, but still being one of the most-watched women on the platform, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is well-accustomed to drumming up interest.

More than just a content creator on various platforms, she also regularly makes headlines for various business ventures. Including a 7-11 gas station, and $2million in Activision-Blizzard stock during the company’s on-going controversy.

Not all press is always good press in her case however, as she’s been accused of lying about cheating during Mizkif’s ‘Schooled’ Twitch show as well as showing support for a billionaire disrespecting working women.

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Now, she’s drawing more attention with another series of intriguing billboards.

Twitter: WIldkait
This isn’t the first time Amouranth has made headlines with Billboards. Back in Feb she went through a similar marketing phase.

Following on from a bomb-shell announcement that Amouranth would be leaving OnlyFans as a content platform in June of 2022., she’s now doubled down on squeezing the juice out of her money lemon while she can.

This time with a trio of billboards around Los Angeles even more audacious than her last.

Featuring the word “NUT” in block capitals and a description that appears to read “noun. The minimum amount of money that a player expects to win or the break-even point for people who play for fun”.

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The billboard ends with Amouranth’s full OnlyFans url. Which is a wild direction for the platform and another bolstered step in it’s notoriety.

With the content creator pulling in “$1.4 to $1.5mil a month” from her OF, it’s not hard to see why she’s putting the effort into pulling in patrons for her supposed last month on the platform.

As of yet, beyond people reposting her own image with the words ‘found it’ we’re yet to see any fans finding the billboards in the wild, nor what the undisclosed prize stands to be.