Ludwig got a Hollywood billboard but something behind him stole the spotlight

MARVEL, Insomniac Games / Twitter: Ludwig

Streaming star Ludwig Ahgren was excited to show off his very own billboard in Hollywood… but an unexpected ‘photobomb’ ended up becoming the center of attention.

Ludwig Ahgren is one of the biggest names in the streaming game right now.

The influencer notably moved from Twitch to YouTube in 2021 after going viral for his record-breaking, 31-day subathon. Boasting over 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, Ludwig is still making waves months later… and now, he has a billboard to show for it.

On February 9, Ahgren revealed that he scored his very own billboard in Hollywood, California, at the TCL Chinese Theater.

Ludwig-Twitch-StreamerYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig notably made the switch from Twitch to YouTube in 2021.

Rather than plastering his own face on the giant sign, though, Ludwig decided to use his V-Tuber model. Either way, it certainly marks a huge moment for one of the world’s most popular streamers.

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Well, it would have, if not for his fans pointing out a subject in the background of his photo commemorating the occasion.

A few memelords pointed out that one of Hollywood’s signature street performers, dressed as Spider-Man, was walking in the background — and decided to make it the focal point of Lud’s celebratory post.

“Nevermind that, IT’S F***ING SPIDERMAN BRO, LETS GOOO” one user joked.

“I can’t ignore the Spider-Man,” another noted.

“That Spider-Man fresher than Ludwig,” another fan quipped.

Of course, it’s clear that these comments are just jokes. Ludwig’s major billboard moment didn’t go unnoticed by his viewers — but it definitely made for a hilarious batch of memes.

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This occasion is almost hilarious enough to compete with the time Minecraft star Ranboo beat out the likes of jchlatt, Spifey, and BadBoyHalo to score a few meme-worthy advertisements on prestigious New York City billboards (one of which said, ‘Ranboo, my beloved’).