Ludwig reveals how much he made from first Mogul Money episode with Jschlatt

Ludwig Reveals how much Pilot episode of Money Money has made on YouTube jschlattYouTube: Ludwig

Popular YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren revealed the insane amount of money he made from the first episode of Mogul Money featuring OTK Member Jschlatt, leaving fans shocked. 

It’s no secret that Ludwig has a decent-sized bank account, as he disclosed that information back in December 2021.

His ever-popular Twitch subathon generated well over one million dollars, but the YouTuber revealed back in January 2022 exactly how little he makes from YouTube shorts videos, and gave a rough idea of how much his dedicated clip channel brings in.

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One topic he didn’t touch on, however, is how much his well-performing, full-length videos earn… That is, until now, as he’s revealed the insane amount of revenue earned from an episode of Mogul Money featuring Jschlatt.

Ludwig Mogul Money Twitch Game ShowTwitch: Ludwig
Ludwig started his Mogul Money game show in June of 2021.

Ludwig reveals how much he’s earned

In a clip uploaded to his channel on April 11, Ludwig revealed how much a single episode of Mogul Money earned in revenue. At the time of the upload, the video had generated over 4.1 million views, with almost a million hours of watch time.

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“This might be the most money I think I’ve ever made in a single video ever,” Ludwig explained. “Since its original start, it made $31,000. That’s crazy. Just to be clear, none of my other videos earn anywhere near that much.”

He went on to explain to his chat that it cost about that amount of cash to create an episode of Mogul Money.

Mogul Money is a game show created by Ahgren that takes inspiration from the long-running tv show: Jeopardy.

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The episode in question is from the premiere of the six-month-long series, which was uploaded on July 7, 2021.

Since then, the creator has switched to YouTube Gaming and told fans last December that he would like to produce a grand finale “Championship Series,” where he brings past winners back to the show to compete one last time.

At the time of writing, the project is still being worked on, so in the meantime — check out Amouranths recent unexpected announcement.

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