Jake Paul reveals he won’t stop “disrupting” UFC until there’s a fighters union

. 5 months ago
Jake Paul boxing
Instagram: Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s feud with the UFC and its President Dana White has only grown more explosive in recent weeks but the online beef does have an end-goal. The internet celeb turned boxing star just revealed his plans to kickstart an MMA union for the good of all UFC fighters.

When Paul and White first became enemies, there was a clear motive behind the heated relationship. The YouTuber was adamant UFC fighters were underpaid.

While this narrative has been muddled over the months, with tensions rising and Paul even threatening to fight the UFC boss, fighter pay has allegedly always been at the center of their feud.

“It’s really about the fighters,” Paul explained to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. The reason behind his consistent pestering all circles back to “how underpaid [UFC fighters] are.”

Having begun his MMA training shortly after his KO of former UFC champ Tyron Woodley, Paul has now “been in the gym and seen how hard these guys work.”

“Poking the bear and disrupting the entire business… it’s really about fighter pay and getting them healthcare,” he said.

Now an investor in the UFC, Paul has every intention of staying on this path and creating change. “Not stopping anytime,” his ultimate ambition is to “create a fighters union.”

“This is my goal,” he continued, “to really impact the whole sport. Leave an everlasting stamp.”

Jake Paul Boxing
Instagram: Jake Paul
Paul plans on agitating Dana White and the UFC until things improve for fighters.

Although institutions like the Professional Fighters Association have attempted to get an MMA union off the ground over the past decade, little has been affected.

Being outside of the UFC’s system, Paul argues he has unique leverage against White. “I just so happen to not be beholden to anybody,” he said. “A lot of these UFC fighters are beholden to Dana and they can’t speak out against him.

“I’m using my platform because I’m one of the few people who actually can. I’ll say whatever, I’ll speak the truth.”

There’s no telling how far off such plans may be for Paul. With his efforts currently focused on diss tracks and perhaps even a trip to space with Elon Musk, an MMA union could still a few years out.

One thing appears certain, however; don’t expect his antics with Dana White and the UFC to let up anytime soon.

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