Jake Paul invests in UFC as Dana White feud over fighter pay ramps up

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul and Dana White side-by-side talking to cameras

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is investing in the UFC as he continues to ramp up his feud with Dana White and look to help get fighters better pay. 

When Jake Paul first got involved with the fight game back in 2018, not many onlookers would have predicted that not only would he carry on, but that he’d take it to new levels.

After knocking out Tyron Woodley in their rematch at the end of 2021, the social media star has suggested that he may switch up and move into MMA, rather than take another challenge in the boxing world.

The 24-year-old has revealed some training footage of his MMA work, and has well-documented back and forth with UFC President Dana White – regularly taking personal shots at White over fighter pay and attacking the UFC as a whole for not paying fighters enough.

Jake Paul and Dana White have traded plenty of shots over boxing and UFC.

As the pair have gone back-and-forth, Dana has taken shots at the pay-per-view buyrate around Jake’s fights, while the YouTuber has chipped in to help UFC fighters pay for their fight camps.

In his newest move, ‘The Problem Child’ is actually investing in the UFC’s parent company – the Endeavor Group – in a bid to help fighters get more pay and healthcare.

“I’ve invested in EDR (UFC) stock with my partner Geoffrey Woo to focus on UFCs ESG standards relating to fighters,” Jake tweeted on January 25. “We believe EDR can drive long-term economic value by increasing UFC fighter pay & providing them healthcare. Reaching out to @EngineNo_1 to partner on this endeavor.”

With the Endeavor Group being publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange, it’s not like Jake is attempting a fully-fledged takeover, but his involvement is likely to see interest in the stock rise.

The move also gives him a foot in the door with the UFC, but who knows just how far things will go. We’ll just have to wait and see given how Dana says he’s not talking about Jake any longer. 

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