Dana White slams Jake Paul’s claim that UFC fighters are underpaid

Dana White slams Jake PaulYouTube/UFC/Instagram/JakePaul

UFC President Dana White responded to YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul’s claims that UFC fighters are underpaid.

The feud between Jake Paul and Dana White has been ongoing for quite some time, with the UFC boss even threatening to take legal action against The Problem Child for constantly calling out his MMA talent.

According to Jake Paul, his boxing events have earned him more money than “all but two UFC fighters have in history” and believes White doesn’t pay his fighters their “fair share.”

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Now, after UFC 263, Dana White responded to Jake Paul’s allegations and took aim at the younger brother’s pay-per-view numbers, which he still believes are greatly exaggerated.

Poster for Jake Paul vs Tryon WoodleyShowtime Boxing
Jake Paul is fighting Tyron Woodley on August 28.

“[Jake Paul] didn’t do a million. His brother did a million! Floyd did a million” Dana said. “Last time we did a press conference, I told you all the Triller stuff is a bunch of bullsh*t.”

While White stressed that he believes Logan and Floyd’s numbers are accurate, he remained defiant that Jake’s fight against Ben Askren pulled a million pay-per-view buys.

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He also blasted claims by former Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley who said he was about to make his biggest payday ever by fighting Jake Paul.

“I’ve been hearing that bullsh*t forever. They’re all full of sh*t,” White snapped. “I keep not wanting to do this. Tyron Woodley is 40-years-old, he hasn’t won a fight in three years in something he’s actually supposed to be good at. And now he’s going to go box?”

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Clearly unimpressed by Woodley and Jake Paul, Dana didn’t hold back: “how do you sell that fight? Lots of other things, ‘making millions of dollars and this is the biggest payday ever and Jake Paul will say mean things about me and pay your fighters.’ It’s all bullsh*t!”

With how Dana White has responded to the antics of Woodley and Paul, it will be interesting to see how the build-up for their fight on August 28 continues.

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