Jake Paul announces shock UFC diss track: “F**k Dana White”

jake paul dana whiteJake Paul, Instagram / Andrius Petrucenia, Wikimedia

YouTube boxing sensation Jake Paul has revealed his next diss track will be about UFC boss Dana White, taking their online beef about fighter pay to a whole new level. 

The younger Paul brother has been applying a lot of pressure – very publicly – to the Ultimate Fighting Championship president over fighter pay, in recent months. His ultimate goal, he tells ESPN, is to make history by normalizing unionization in combat sports.

Jake Paul actually invested in the UFC, trying to force the issue this January. A number of UFC fighters have since put themselves forward to go toe-to-toe with the Problem Child, if he landed a deal to compete.

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Despite all of the back-and-forth between the pair, White has always said “never say never” about a potential debut for the content creator inside the octagon.

Jake Paul diss track on Dana White confirmed

However, White might well change his mind after seeing the undefeated boxer has announced he’s written a diss track, targetting him specifically.

On January 27, he tweeted: “Tomorrow. Diss track” and tagged Dana White’s Twitter handle.

At the time of writing, Jake Paul’s tweet has not temped a response from the UFC boss.

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However, it would seem to be only a matter of time before somebody starts typing hard on their keyboard.

Jake Paul explains why he’s written a diss track

For those wondering why he’s going to these lengths, Paul has confirmed the mission behind the track, live on ESPN.

During an interview – shared by The Recount – Jake Paul added: “It’s really about fighter pay and getting them healthcare, and poking the bear, and disrupting his whole entire business.

“I’m dropping a diss track on Dana White tomorrow morning. So you will see that, and I’m not stopping any time soon.”

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He added: “I want to create a fighter’s union. This is my goal – to really impact the entire sport, both MMA and boxing.”

When is Jake Paul’s diss track coming out?

Jake Paul confirmed that the Dana White diss track will be released on January 28, 2022. 

Those who would like to watch it as soon as it drops can head over to his official YouTube channel, though there is no set time – so notifications are advised.

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