Jake Paul called out by ex-UFC champ amid MMA switch: “Stop fighting little dudes”

Jake Paul in black shirt with PFL on against black backgroundYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul has been called out by former UFC champion Luke Rockhold as the YouTuber-turned-boxer has started to focus on MMA a little more. 

While his focus has, primarily, been on boxing over the last few years, Jake Paul hasn’t been shy in making it known that he wants to get involved with Mixed Martial Arts. 

The YouTube star, who has a background in amateur wrestling, has fought plenty of MMA fighters inside the boxing ring, but he’s finally penned a deal to make his MMA debut. He’ll be joining the ranks of PFL and taking part in their new Super Fights division.

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Jake already has his eye on an opponent for that, calling out Nate Diaz for a two-fight deal where they fight in the boxing ring before stepping into the MMA cage. However, former UFC champion Luke Rockhold is willing to step up.

Luke Rockhold calls out Jake Paul for MMA fight 

The former UFC middleweight, who claimed the title off Chris Weidman back in 2015, was quizzed about Jake’s move into MMA by TMZ Sports, and he urged him to take on someone his own size. 

“Stop trying to fight little dudes, man. You’re a middleweight, if you want to fight a middleweight, I mean hey, I got hands, we could do anything we want,” Rockhold said. “I don’t care, I could beat that guy in my sleep.”

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Rockhold dismissed Jake’s claim that he’s trying to make the best fights now moving into MMA, as he again said: “Fight people your own fucking weight. Straight up. And champions, a real contender, someone who could put you on your ass.”

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Diaz’s last fight was at welterweight, which is around 50 lbs lower than Jake usually boxes at. So, if the pair were to fight, it’d be the MMA fighter who’d be bulking up. 

It remains to be seen if Jake will take Rockhold’s challenge, but the ex-UFC star is free to do what he wants now he’s no longer under contract.

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