Jake Paul brutally shuts down KSI’s offer to fight Tommy Fury on his boxing card

Michael Gwilliam
KSI offers Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fightInstagram/KSI/JakePaul/TommyFury

Influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul shut down an offer from KSI to move his fight against Tommy Fury to his own card after Fury was refused entry to the US.

The long-awaited fight between Jake Paul and Love Island star Tommy Fury is once again in doubt. Despite Tommy agreeing to fight after Jake gave him a 24 hour warning, he was unable to attend the press conference on June 29 after travel issues.

Despite ‘The Problem Child’ claiming he won’t let Fury “weasel out” of the fight, it may be out of his hands. Tyson Fury, the older half-brother of Tommy, has been refused entry to the US twice in the past, reportedly due to sanctions imposed on boxing manager Daniel Kinahan in April of 2022.

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Now, with YouTube rival KSI marking his own return to the ring on August 27 in the UK, he’s offered to let Jake and Tommy fight as the co-main event, something that Paul isn’t too fond of.

Tommy-Fury-vs-jake-paul-fightAmanda Westcott for Showtime
Jake Paul was slated to fight Fury last year, but a sudden injury caused the Brit to pull out at the last minute.

Jake Paul refuses KSI’s help to fight Tommy Fury in the UK

After news of Tommy Fury’s travel issues broke, KSI decided to throw his rival a “lifeline” and welcome him to fight on his own card.

“If you TRULY want to fight Tommy, fight on my card as the co-main event. I’ve got everything set up for you,” KSI said. “Best believe you owe me though. [The] ball is in your court.”

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However, Jake wasn’t fond of the idea in the slightest and even took it as a downgrade from main-eventing in Maddison Square Garden.

The Problem Child shot right back, claiming that he was in a league about KSI, comparing his boxing to chess while the Brit was playing checkers.

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“Your opponent is repped by me and I know a lot more about your business than you would like. You’re not on my level in boxing or the boxing business. Out of respect for my client, I’ll let you keep chirping away like a canary.”

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“You and Fury are both big mouths with small sacks,” he blasted, completely dismissing the offer.

Jake Paul open to fighting Tommy Fury in the UK

A few hours later, Jake Paul posted a video claiming that he believes the Fury family is trying to manipulate the situation to make him fight in the UK.

“You want me to fight in the UK? Okay, show me $15 million. Because here, in America, we do more pay-per-view buys, we do more ticket sales, and we do more sponsorships. I’ve shown you the money. We’re ready to go!” he blasted, but admitted he was willing to go to the UK for the right money.

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KSI meanwhile laughed at this, calling the $15m price tag “delusional,” and joked that Jake would once again be fighting Tyron Woodley in Fury’s place.

Only time will tell if the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will actually go ahead as planned. This is the second time that a match between the two has been jeopardized, with their first scheduled fight back in December being replaced after Fury suffered an injury resulting in Paul rematching Tyron Woodley instead.

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