Logan Paul says he will keep boxing until he “wins” a match

Logan Paul speaking on IMPAULSIVE podcast and boxing KSIYouTube: IMPAULSIVE/ DAZN Boxing

YouTuber Logan Paul wants to keep training for the ring until he finally wins a boxing match. It comes after he previously lost against his now-business partner KSI, and then drew with world champion Floyd Mayweather.

Although he originally found fame as one of Vine’s most popular creators, Logan Paul has now set his sights on the boxing ring, even earning his own nickname – ‘The Maverick.’

Along with his brother Jake, Logan has gone on to face some formidable foes during his short boxing career. However, he is yet to claim a conclusive win.

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But, he’s not giving up as Logan claimed he will keep trying to pull in at least one victory before retiring from boxing for good.

Logan Paul facing Floyd MayweatherYouTube/Logan Paul
Logan Paul previously faced Floyd Mayweather in February 2021 but it ended with no conclusive winner.

Logan Paul vows to keep boxing

Logan was speaking with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary during his IMPAULSIVE podcast on June 28th. When asked by O’Leary whether he would ever return to boxing, The Maverick revealed that he’s set himself one goal before he steps away from the sport.

“Yes, I would [box] again,” Logan said. He added that he will continue to have “the sh*t pounded out” of him until he has a “f**king win.”

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Logan previously boxed his fellow YouTuber KSI on two occasions with their first match pulling in a draw followed by a split-decision win for KSI. His match with Floyd Mayweather then landed him with yet another draw.

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However, there could be one thing that gets in the way of Logan’s boxing career, as the YouTuber said he was debating whether or not to stick with wrestling instead following his hugely successful WrestleMania appearance.

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Logan stated: “It’s so much more fun, it’s much safer than boxing, and it’s just as badass, if not more badass, doing these crazy moves. So, I’m having the conversation with myself like ‘what do I do? Do I pursue this wrestling career and preserve the sanctity of my health?'”

O’Leary might be keen for Logan to guest star in ‘Shark Tank’ after his PRIME success. Although, The Maverick is currently too busy training for his next WWE appearance.

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