Jake Paul won’t let Tommy Fury “weasel” out of fight after boxer denied entry to US

Bill Cooney
Tommy Fury in front of monitor with Jake Paul's face glaring out

After his opponent Tommy Fury was denied entry into the US, Jake Paul said he would do whatever he could to ensure the British boxer wouldn’t be able to “weasel” his way out of their August 6 bout.

On June 28 ahead of a scheduled press conference the next day, British boxer Tommy Fury revealed he was denied entry into the US in an Instagram story.

With the August 6 fight little more than a month away, this could spell big trouble for the fate of the faceoff.

However, Fury’s opponent Jake Paul has sworn to do everything in his power to make sure it ends up happening.

Jake Paul says he won’t let Fury “weasel” out of fight

Just after Fury posted his story to Instagram, Paul responded, calling the fighter a “scared little b**ch,” and vowing to do whatever he could to ensure the match would go down on August 6.

“Tommy, no matter how hard u try to get out of this fight, I’m going 2 do everything in my power 2 not let u weasel ur way out,” Paul wrote on Twitter.

He also called out Fury’s “latest excuse” and claimed his team had communicated how to solve the issues he was facing.

“My team & my partners have made it clear the steps u need to take 2 solve ur latest excuse,” the influencer continued. “Take them or admit ur a scared little bitch.”

Paul is looking to prove himself against Tommy Fury, but the fight could be in jeopardy.

Fury said his application was denied “for a reason I apparently know,” but also claimed that he’s done  “absolutely nothing wrong, and I have no clue why I am not allowed to travel to the USA.”

Tyson Fury — two-time world heavyweight champion and older half-brother of Tommy — has been denied entry into the US two times before, but it’s not clear if that has anything to do with the current situation.

Whatever happens, if Tommy isn’t able to get into the US, that would make it very difficult to make the fight in Madison Square Garden on August 6, no matter what Paul does.