Tommy Fury accepts Jake Paul boxing match after 24 hour warning

Jake Paul challenges Tommy Fury 24 hours boxing matchInstagram: Jake Paul, Tommy Fry

YouTube boxer Jake Paul issued a challenge to Tommy Fury, giving the Love Island star 24 hours to finally agree to a boxing match… and it looks like the Brit was up to the task.

Jake Paul is gearing up for his next fight this August at Madison Square Garden, where he’ll step in the ring on the same card as female boxing legend Amanda Serrano.

However, his opponent still has yet to be determined after months of preparation… and time is counting down fast.

In the weeks leading up to his match, ‘The Problem Child’ has been calling out huge names in the combat sports space — most recently, the UFC’s Nate Diaz, who has asked to be released from his contract for a chance at boxing Paul.

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Tommy-Fury-vs-jake-paul-fightAmanda Westcott for Showtime
Jake Paul was slated to fight Fury last year, but a sudden injury caused the Brit to pull out at the last minute.

In between these talks, though, have been rumors that Paul will face off against Tommy Fury. The two were originally slated to face off last year, but Fury pulled out of the bout last-minute due to an injury, prompting Jake to take on former UFC champ Tyron Woodley for a rematch.

Now, though, a bout with Tommy is looking far more likely. Paul challenged Fury in a pointed tweet on June 22 — a little over a month from his fight date — giving the British boxing star 24 hours to accept his offer.

“Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year,” he wrote. “Then you agree to fight me now, but your dad is trying to pull you out again?”

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“We’ve given you everything you asked for,” he continued. “$2M purse, VADA testing, Tampons. You have 24 hours to clear this up or I will never give you this opportunity again.”

Paul was referencing recent statements made by Tommy’s father, John Fury, who recently decried any talks of a fight between Paul and his son, calling the ordeal a “pile of sh*t.”

That doesn’t have fans convinced, though, as promoter Eddie Hearn claimed in a June interview that he’d heard rumors of a Jake vs Fury fight happening “soon.”

That’s not all; Paul also uploaded a video calling out Tommy, claiming the British fighter wouldn’t take the bout because John Fury couldn’t be there with him in the States  to coach him due to his criminal record.

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However, thirty minutes prior to Paul’s oddly-timed video, Fury shot back with a definite reply: “See you August 6th, pal.”

Fury also hit back at Paul’s callout video, confirming that their bout is on for the 6 and poking fun at Paul’s comments about agreeing to drug testing.

“Forget a team or any other bullsh*t,” he hit back. “I don’t need anybody to help me lay you flat on that canvas. Oh, and thanks for finally signing the drug testing… you only agreed to it when you realized the fight was at risk – who needs who?”

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Tommy Fury hits back at jake paul tweet boxing august 6

It looks like this highly-anticipated bout is finally on, giving fans a rush of excitement as Paul takes on an opponent many have been calling for since his boxing debut back in 2018.