Is Asmongold moving to Kick? Cryptic comments fuel rumors among fans

Dylan Horetski
Asmongold Kick

Fans of popular Twitch streamer Asmongold have begun wondering whether or not the OTK co-owner is going to move to Kick after a series of cryptic comments from the star.

Over the last few years, One True Kings co-owner Asmongold has become the go-to Twitch streamer for MMO content, featuring games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and more on his channel.

He’s expressed his distaste towards the Twitch community in the past, as well as questioned some of the purple-apps past decisions involving his channel.

Many have begun to wonder whether or not the Twitch star is going to switch to the budding platform — and they have cryptic comments from Asmon to back up their thoughts.

Asmongold moving to Kick?

There is no concrete evidence that Asmongold is switching from Twitch to Kick.

As the popularity of Kick has exploded over the last few weeks, rumors involving an increasing number of streamers signing to the platform have swirled around social media.

On March 27, Adin Ross tweeted that Kick had signed “another superstar” to the platform which led to Asmongold replying to the post.

“Hmm, I wonder who it is,” he said, leading many to think he may be the aforementioned superstar.

In the replies to his tweet, a fan shared a clip from Asmongold’s recent stream. In the clip, he says that if streamers can move to Kick and retain their audience, they will move to Kick.

“It’s literally that simple. Why would you not move to Kick? You get paid more money and you still have people watching you. Why would you stay on Twitch with 50/50 [sub revenue split],” he asked.

When a chatter mentioned to Asmon that it sounded like he was going to the platform, the OTK co-owner mentioned that “it’d be really cool” if Twitch gave him money to stay but also hinted that “nothing would change” if they didn’t.

We’ll have to wait to see who the new Kick signings are exactly, whether it’s Asmongold, Dr Disrespect, or even Kai Cenat.

While we wait for the platform to announce its new partners, though, you can head over to our entertainment section for more news and other viral stories.

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