Asmongold explains why he’s “excited” by Adin Ross moving to Kick

Asmongold and adin Ross die by side in white shirts talking to cameraTwitch: Asmongold/Adin Ross

Twitch star Asmongold has weighed in on Adin Ross’ switch to streaming on Kick, calling it an “exciting” move as he’s eager to see how it plays out.

Over the past few years, Twitch has cemented itself as the go-to platform for big streamers, but there have been a couple of challenges for the throne from the likes of YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer. 

Following Twitch’s ban on gambling content, streamer Trainwrecks revealed his intentions to launch his own platform in the form of Kick. The new platform, which has looser rules than Twitch, has been live since the end of November, and some big streamers have taken advantage of that looseness in the rules by broadcasting different content than they usually do on there. 

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Kick finally captured their first massive streamer when Adin Ross confirmed he’d be going over there as he’s able to do different content than he does on Twitch. He kicked things off with over 70,000 viewers for Super Bowl 57.

Asmongold responds to Adin Ross swapping Twitch for Kick

After Adin outlined his intention to stream regularly on Kick, plenty of streamers have weighed in, including Asmongold as he’s excited by the potential of the move for the Just Chatting streamer. 

“Excited to see how this plays out,” the OTK co-owner tweeted shortly after Adin’s announcement.

“Honestly hoping Kick does well, it’s better for both streamers and viewers for there to be more competition in the livestreaming space.”

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A number of fans urged Asmongold to follow Adin in making the switch, but that’s extremely unlikely to happen. While streamers do have issues with Twitch – mainly over an increase in advertisements and changes to sub payouts – it is still by far the biggest streaming platform out there. 

It remains to be seen if Kick will be around long-term and become a viable platform to stream on, but its going to at least have a moment right now.