Asmongold explains why he “hates” Twitch culture and prefers YouTube

asmongold says he prefers youtube to twitch and hates twitch culture copyYouTube: Asmongold TV

Popular streamer Asmongold explained why he isn’t a fan of Twitch’s chat culture and revealed that he’d prefer to broadcast on YouTube if he had to pick between the two platforms.

Asmongold is one of the most prominent streamers on Twitch, where he boasts a whopping 3.4 million followers.

Asmon has been streaming on the purple platform since 2014 and has been an active World of Warcraft player since 1997 — but despite his prominence on Twitch as an OG gamer, he’s actually not a huge fan of the site’s overall culture.

The OTK co-founder discussed the topic during the very first episode of the Steak and Eggs podcast on February 17, where he admitted that, if he had to pick between YouTube and Twitch, he’d switch to YouTube.

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Asmongold picks YouTube over Twitch as favored platform

“If I had to pick one I had to do for the rest of my life, always, I would do YouTube,” he admitted.

When the group got to discussing the pros and cons of the two platforms, Asmon admitted that there were facets of each website that he liked and disliked, but claimed that he genuinely “hates” the culture of Twitch chat.

“To be honest, I hate Twitch culture,” he continued.” I think it sucks. ‘Oh, wow. This is a cool new joke. Let’s type it 400 times.’ And then, ‘Oh man, let’s [play] Marco Polo. You say this word, I say this emote. How clever and funny.'”

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(Topic begins at 56:06)

He went on to agree that the predictability of Twitch chat has its benefits, but ultimately feels the platform has too many “weird” users.

“There is a certain value on it. Like, have you ever had a cat, and you raise your arm up and the cat looks up at your arm? And you’re like, ‘I control you, b*tch.’ I can kinda feel that way whenever I’m doing my streams. Yeah, sure, but in general? I don’t know, man. There are so many weird things that people do on Twitch. It’s so weird.”

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“I think a lot more weirdos come from Twitch than YouTube, too,” Emiru added, to which Asmongold agreed.

Asmongold streams on Twitch and also uploads content to YouTube, where he has over 1.7 million subscribers.

It seems like he’s got the best — and worst — of both worlds… but with OTK announcing a slew of new content in the future, it looks like he’ll have a lot to look forward to outside of his regular broadcasts (and that all-too-predictable Twitch chat).