Asmongold eyes Kick move after xQc signs $70 million deal

Filip Krawanski
Asmongold in fornt of his streaming setup

Asmongold dropped a couple of hints that he might be interested in “moving to another platform” in response to his fans asking if he will sign with Kick.

Twitch had a firm grasp on the live-streaming world ever since it changed its name from JustinTV back in 2014. However, competitors that can contest Twitch’s iron grip on the space have finally popped up.

YouTube was the first serious challenger to Twitch. They introduced their own broadcasting tools and improving them over time. As of June 2023, YouTube is still expanding its influence with an all-new streaming-focused Partner Program.

And, while there are some livestreaming platforms that have fallen flat over the years like Mixer, there’s one competitor that’s putting some skin in the game: Kick.

Kick has been growing exponentially over the last couple of months, leading up to them signing xQc to a non-exclusive, multi-million dollar contract.

Asmongold has been following the growth of the platform ever since its inception, and while he was critical of the platform initially, Asmongold now says that new and up-and-coming streamers should “pick Kick”.

Furthermore, the streamer dropped some tips that he is open to a non-exclusive contract with other platforms.

Asmongold says “we’ll see what happens” to questions about Kick

Following the huge xQc contract with Kick being announced, Asmongold Tweeted out a simple “hey @KickStreaming,” implying that he wants to get in contact.

Trainwreck personally replied to the Tweet saying: “You already know bro, you’ve been a day 1.”

Following this Asmongold addressed the issue on stream, as it can be seen in the clip made by his Asmongold Clips channel.

“A lot of people ask me about if I’m gonna go to another platform,” said Zack in the clip. “We’ll have to see what happens.”

The streamer then added that he “will not take an exclusive deal on another platform”, suggesting that a non-exclusive deal from Kick, YouTube, or Rumble is not off the table.

We will have to wait and see who emerges victorious from this clash of streaming platforms. For more stories surrounding streaming personalities and other viral content visit our Entertainment section.

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