Asmongold believes Kick is doing “smartest thing” possible in rivalry with Twitch

Asmongold talking to camera and into microphoneTwitch: Asmongold

Twitch star Asmongold believes Kick is doing the smartest thing possible in their rivalry with the Amazon-owned platform by not having streamers sign “exclusive” contracts. 

Over the last few years, there have been a number of challengers looking to take Twitch’s throne as the biggest and best streaming platform out there. 

The Amazon-owned platform has seen off the likes of Mixer and Facebook Gaming, but YouTube continues to make inroads. There is also a new challenger in the form of Kick, the platform that is backed by Stack, the online casino that a number of Twitch streamers had partnered with prior to their ban on gambling content. 

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A few of Twitch’s biggest Just Chatting streamers, including Adin Ross and Trainwrecks, have dabbled in streaming on Kick, but Adin hasn’t made the move permanent yet and wants more money for that to happen.

Asmongold explains how Kick is being clever with Twitch rivalry right now

Well, Asmongold has chimed in and suggested that Kick’s current strategy of not tying streamers down to exclusive contracts is the best thing they can do right now. 

“That’s the smartest thing way for them to do it,” Asmongold said after Ludwig suggested Kick could have non-exclusive deals in place with big streamers from Twitch and YouTube.

“That way, they can siphon their audience from Twitch onto Kick, and that’s what Train is doing, that’s what Adin is doing. They go live on Twitch for a couple of hours, they farm notifications, build up directory placement, and then they go over to Kick.”

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Some of the biggest streamers from both Twitch and YouTube have been rumored to make the switch to Kick in the near future, but there have been others, like xQc, who have downplayed that possibility. 

It remains to be seen if the platform becomes a viable alternative to Twitch, but Asmon believes they’re playing it smart at the minute.