GTA RP streamer banned for racist outburst returns to Twitch and gives apology

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Twitch streamer ‘Viviana’ returned to Twitch after being unbanned following a racist outburst during a GTA roleplay stream, explaining that she “f**ked up” and won’t appeal the permanent NoPixel ban. 

Back on January 14, streamer Viviana was permanently banned from NoPixel as a result of a racist outburst directed at a viewer. 

She was also subsequently banned from Twitch, with the outburst receiving a significant amount of attention after xQc reacted to it live on his stream. 

Now, one month on, she has been unbanned from the Amazon-owned streaming platform, but remains banned from the NoPixel server. 

Her unban was confirmed and, a couple of days later, she returned to streaming on the platform itself. 

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Her stream immediately attracted thousands of viewers, with many flocking to it to hear what she had to say on being allowed back on Twitch. 

Viviana admitted she “f**ked up”, before explaining her “side of the story”. 

“I just wanna start off by saying that everything I said was wrong,” she said. “I know that, I know why people are mad and I understand all the backlash… What I said was extremely out of pocket and I went from zero to one hundred real fast… It was not okay at all.

“I wish I could tell you myself [why I said it]. I don’t know girl, I was in a really bad mental space. Which obviously doesn’t excuse anything, but I think that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know I wasn’t really okay… When everything happened I was in the middle of a psychotic break.” 

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She also explained that the issues were exacerbated by viewers mocking her voice, by which she was “triggered”. 

“It was just wrong,” she finished, before apologizing specifically to the person she verbally attacked. 

She clarified that she will not appeal the NoPixel ban, believing it to be the correct decision and “fair”.

Some did argue that Twitch have been too lenient given the severity of her comments, but the platform does not comment on their ban procedures, nor are they likely to alter their decision to unban Viviana.