MrBeast’s YouTube views each year shows how insane his rise to the top has been

Shay Robson

YouTube star MrBeast has revealed how many views he’s gained on YouTube each year since starting his channel over a decade ago.

MrBeast has skyrocketed to become the biggest YouTuber in the world, to the point where he’s landing deals with Amazon Prime for his own game show.

Marking his 26th birthday on May 7, the YouTuber shared just how spectacular his growth has been over the years in a post on Twitter/X.

MrBeast first started making videos when he was 12 years old, but it wasn’t until he turned 18 that things started picking up for him. By that point, he’d made six years’ worth of content, and amassed over 120 million views in that year.

From there the growth never stopped, and in the next year, MrBeast came close to hitting half a billion views. But that’s nothing compared to the boom he saw in his early 20s. The YouTube star over quadrupled his numbers, hitting a staggering two billion views.

Still, that barely puts a dent when compared to the numbers MrBeast pulls now. In the last year, the 26-year-old pulled a mindblowing 32.7 billion views.

While MrBeast is by far the biggest independent YouTuber, he doesn’t yet hold the title for the most subscribed channel on the platform.

The crown is currently held by T-Series. But, MrBeast is quickly catching up to the throne, sitting just 8 million subscribers behind.