Kai Cenat pays big fine for New York riot incident but won’t face trial

Dylan Horetski
Kai Cenat IShowSpeed

After being charged with inciting a riot in August 2023, Kai Cenat has paid $55,000 in restitution, posted an apology on his Snapchat, and will not face trial.

In August 2023, a seemingly innocent PS5 giveaway from Twitch star Kai Cenat in New York City went awry after a riot broke out.

The streamer was promptly arrested and charged with inciting a riot and expressed disappointment in his fans following a short break from streaming.

On May 7, 2024, it was revealed that Kai would not be prosecuted after paying a massive $55k fine and posting an apology to his Snapchat.

His $55,000 went to the Union Square Partnership, and friends Duke Dennis and Muktar Din were also asked to pay $1,049.50 each. The $57,000 in fines will go towards reimbursing the costs that the city faced when cleaning up the damages done by the riot.

Kai Cenat’s apology on Snapchat must be left on his account for 24 hours, and the case against the influencer will be dismissed after that has been completed.

“When I promoted a giveaway [of] PS5s in Union Square Park, it created an unintentional dangerous situation due to the way I promoted and advertised it. The result was an unsafe situation for the people who live and work in the neighborhood, first responders, and my followers who attended the event,” the apology reads.

“I apologize for the disruption and damage to the community, the park, the vehicles, and the storefronts in the area.”

“I wanted to do something cool and fun for people and did not think it was going to turn into something that caused harm to the city, and I should have thought more about the post before I announced it,” it reads.

“The actions of some of the people that attended were unacceptable. At no time is it OK to act out physically in situations like this or to destroy property or try to harm people.”

This news comes just days after the popular influencer passed 10 million followers on Twitch, becoming the 10th most followed person on the platform.