Tyler1 challenged by renowned chess Master responsible for his opening

Jeremy Gan
Tyler1 stream screenshot

Tyler1 has been challenged by renowned women’s Chess Master Anna Cramling who created the opening the streamer has used throughout his insane rise. 

Despite only picking up chess 10 months ago, Tyler1 has quickly made his way to the top of the competitive ladder, gaining a jaw-dropping 1900 Elo and cementing himself as part of the top 0.5% of all players globally. 

This all started when he challenged the likes of Hikaru and Magnus Carlsen to a match, and now, it looks like he could very well be getting his first test against a true chess Master. 

Women’s chess Master Anna Cramling has challenged Tyler to a match, but only when he reaches 2000 Elo. 

In a stream reviewing some of Tyler’s games, Cramling was surprised by Tyler’s usage of the Cow Opening, the opening that she created. Notably, she was impressed that the streamer had the theory down pat and was even improving on it. 

“He’s playing so well. He improved the theory,” She said. After which she promised to send him a challenge. 

“I will send him a challenge, if he gets up to 2000 [Elo]… I will send him a challenge. I don’t know if he’ll accept it, but I will try to get a match with Tyler1.”  

Cramling even doubled down on her challenge, replying to a Dexerto tweet about it, “Let’s do it.”

Of course, it has to be stated that Cramling is objectively a superior chess player to Tyler in many regards, as the streamer is still relatively new to the game. Not only does she have a much higher Elo, but she is the creator of the opening Tyler likes using. 

Currently, Tyler’s rating on Chess.com is 1854, taking a dip from 1900 after a few losses, but knowing how hard he is grinding, we may see this match in the not too distant future.

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