KaceyTron slams “stupid” decisions from Twitch after Forsen ban

Image of Forsen next to an image of KaceyTronTwitch: Forsen / KaceyTron

Twitch streamer KaceyTron has called out Twitch after they imposed an indefinite ban on fellow streamer Forsen for accidentally showing nudity, saying she “does not trust” the platform with her livelihood.

Hugely popular streaming service Twitch has been under heavy criticism in recent months, particularly due to their crackdowns on the use of copyrighted content in streams.

The threat of looming DMCA strikes have lead many creators like Pokimane and LIRIK completely wiping their channel of old content in order to protect themselves from the harsh regulations.

Many fans and streamers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the operation of the site, and appear to be starting to lose trust in the company.

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Forsen at Blizzard event for HearthstoneBlizzard
Forsen is one of the most popular variety streamers on Twitch.

But it’s not just DMCA strikes that are catching streamers out. Popular streamer Forsen was banned on November 26 for unintentionally revealing an inappropriate “horse GIF,” and currently remains “indefinitely” banned on the site.

The treatment of Forsen certainly struck a chord with streamer KaceyTron, who experienced indefinite suspension on the platform earlier this year when she was banned for “hateful conduct” after making a joke about a global crisis. She shared her thoughts about the situation with her viewers live on stream.

“I’m not even like a Forsen fan or a Forsen simp or anything, but just to basically give the troll viewer what they wanted, and hurt someone financially like that for accidentally showing nudity?”

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She went on to slam the way the platform approaches bans, saying “Twitch just makes some of the stupidest f***ing decisions ever. And that’s why as soon as the DMCA sh*t started happening, a lot of streamers, they were like ‘oh I’m gonna take the time to go through all of my clips, make sure I get them saved.’ I was like ‘nope, I’m f***ing nuking everything now”

It’s clear that KaceyTron is keeping her wits about her as the wave of bans continues, explaining that “I do not trust these motherf***ers with my livelihood. They never, ever make a good call, ever.”

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The next huge Twitch ban never seems to be far around the corner, but whether the dissatisfaction towards Twitch’s guidelines will result in substantial changes to their policy remains to be seen.