Streamer saves confused grandma lost in Japan

Nanpa saves elderly womanTwitch/NanpaLive

IRL streamer NanpaLive found himself in quite the predicament late at night in Tokyo when he encountered a grandma who was lost and alone.

During the broadcast, the streamer was cruising around Tokyo on a bike when he spotted the elderly woman walking alone looking awfully confused.

As he zoomed on past, he heard the woman cry out “help me,” prompting Nanpa to stop his bike and turn around to speak with the late-night wanderer.

“Are you alright?” he asked in Japanese, seemingly surprising the woman with how fluent he was.

Streamer helps old womanYouTube/NanpaLive
The woman had no idea where she was.

“No, I’m not alright,” she replied. “I’m not having fun. I want to go home.”

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As it turned out, the woman had no idea where she was, what street she was on or even the neighborhood. She also admitted to being very “confused” but that didn’t stop Nanpa from guiding her to a nearby convenience store.

After a short walk with the woman moving at a snail’s pace, the two made their way to a 7-Eleven and asked the clerk to call the police.

“Andre, you are so handsome,” she said after learning the streamer’s real name. “Thank you for everything you have done for me.”

Even as the streamer left the store and that clerk called the cops, the woman continued to voice kind words towards her savior. “Your Japanese is so good!” she cried out.

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Perhaps the best part of the video came right after Nanpa left the 7-Eleven and the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas music began to play along with a “Mission passed” screen.

Nanpa saves an old womanYouTube/NanpaLive
The streamer saved the lost woman.

“We did one good deed for that day, boys,” he proudly proclaimed. “Hey man, when someone is in trouble you have to help them. That old lady is old as f**k. It’s cold as f**k. She could die out here honestly. She might have Alzheimer’s or some sh*t.”

In the end, while the streamer felt that he should have waited, he also had a feeling she’d be fine with the police coming and figured she couldn’t have gotten too far from her home.

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Regardless, it was a very good deed by the streamer who may have ended up saving the old woman’s life.