Dr Disrespect, Nadeshot, & CouRage amusingly trade blows over 100 Thieves game reveal

Dave Deiley

Dr Disrespect is back on form, living up to his larger-than-life persona with a well-meaning jab at 100 Thieves co-owners CouRage and Nadeshot following the announcement of their very own video game.

After the  May 18 announcement that 100 Thieves would be stepping into the game development world, it took no time for Dr Disrespect’s gaming studio Midnight Society to start stirring up beef with the new competition.

With details still light on the ground surrounding what exactly the 100 Thieves game might be, currently only titled ‘Project X’, a lengthy post on the game’s official Twitter page gave an emotional tribute to why 100 Thieves is moving in this new direction.

Citing ‘the magic of video games” as the driving force behind the new creative venture, Nadeshot signed off on the wordy tweet following the declaration of intent.

In response to the emotionally charged Twitter post, the two-time took no time in reaching out to Nadeshot and fellow 100 Thieves co-owner CouRage.

Doubling down on the light-hearted ribbing going on surrounding the competing companies, the Doc belittled the upcoming Project X, calling it “a cartoon anime golf game for the Nintendo Switch.”

Giving as good as he got, CouRage was quick to fire back Doc’s upcoming Project Moon, saying: “Listen Doc, We can’t both have predatory NFT games.”

With the inclusion of NFTs being a subject of frequent discussion surrounding the upcoming game, and the recent collapse of the crypto market, it remains to be seen how far Doc will push the Web 3 inclusion in whatever Midnight Society ends up producing.

For more information on 100 Thieves’ new game, click here, and for Midnight Society’s upcoming project, here.