Dr Disrespect just responded to Harley’s fight offer from Creator Clash

dr disrespect responds creator clashDr Disrespect / Creator Clash

Days after Harley called out Dr Disrespect for a boxing match at the Creator Clash charity event, the leader of the Champions Club has finally responded. 

The self-professed best video gamer in the world is no stranger to fight offers, having been linked to clashes with fellow streamers TimTheTatman, Tyler1, and even NICKMERCS in the past.

Although, many times, those have been offers put across in a jokey matter.

Things spiced up on May 14 at Creator Clash, as Epic Meal Time’s Harley scored a victory against the Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson.

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Dr Disrespect streaming in front of screenYouTube/Dr Disrespect
Will Dr Disrespect follow in the footsteps of Jake Paul and end up in a boxing ring one day?

Harley wants Dr Disrespect as next boxing opponent

After the fight, where Harley congratulated his defeated opponent as a “winner” for just stepping in the ring with him, he quickly turned his attention to the Doc.

“I want to say another thing. This wasn’t about me, this is for a good cause, that’s why I did it. However, I only used about 20% of my ability, and I would like to exercise the remaining 80%. I want to fight someone bigger, I want them to know it’s going down. The Doc – I’m talking to YOU!

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“I’m six foot six. You think you’re tall, you think you’re the Two-Time. This isn’t a game, boy. Let me tell you something – that bulletproof vest you wear isn’t gonna stop those guns.”

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Dr Disrespect responds to fight offer from Creator Clash

Naturally, the entire Champions Club have been waiting for their favorite streamer to reply to the challenge.

On May 18, four days later, the streaming sensation broke his silence on the matter.

When asked about whether you’ll see him in the ring soon, he said: “How many times do we have to talk about this? It’s the same thing when you guys say, ‘Timmy is calling you out, you should box Timmy in the ring.’

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“Do we not understand the difference in athletic ability – in terms of footwork, hand-eye coordination, and speed?”

While it’s not exactly a yes or a no, clearly the Doc backs himself against any opponent of a similar size.

This might not be the last we hear about a potential fight as the question is still unanswered: Will we ever see violence, speed, and momentum pour into a boxing arena?

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