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Dr Disrespect’s new game studio: Everything we know

Published: 10/Aug/2021 22:32

by Bill Cooney


Dr Disrespect is officially starting his own video game studio to compete with the likes of CoD and Apex Legends. Here’s everything we know about the Two-Time’s latest venture.

Regular viewers of Doc’s streams know making his own game is an idea the streamer’s had for a while now. After revealing some details about the “vertical battle royale” he hopes to build on YouTube, more details keep coming out.

Based on what we know, this BR could definitely be a headline game for the new company. But it might not be all they make.

Let’s take a look at what we know so far about the Two-Time’s new project, and what their first game might look like.


Dr Disrespect game studio confirmed

Dr Disrespect
Want to work with the Doc himself? Now could be your chance.

After Doc showed off screenshots of the new game concept he was working on (more on that in a bit) something very interesting happened. Just a few hours after that little tease, a brand-new job posting appeared on the Champions Club website.

The post might be for one job, but it describes what the company could look like once it gets going. In partnership with Boom TV, Doc will be “incubating a new AA/AAA gaming studio that has a unique twist to it”

What is that twist? Well if you didn’t see in the screenshot above Doc’s studio will be partnering with a “select list of mega influencers” and work with them to get their “dream games made.


One game we already know a bit about. Like we mentioned before it’s a battle royale designed to take on Warzone and Apex Legends, but with a major map twist.

Dr Disrespect vertical battle royale: Everything we know

Dr Disrespect Vertical Battle Royale
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
Doc sure seems excited about his “vertical battle royale” idea.

Doc has said before his unnamed BR all revolves around a fire that starts at the bottom of a building. Instead of venturing around the map horizontally like in most battle royale games, each new area is stacked on top of one another.

As players fight one another, they also have to fight the ever-rising flames as they try to ascend and escape using various exit points.

The concept art we’ve seen so far depicts two sectors within a massive building, including a machine room and a balcony atop some clouds. More art is sure to come out as the game progresses, and we’ll bring you all the updates here as they happen.


When is Dr Disrespect’s game coming out?

Right now, there’s been no word of when we could see early access or even a trailer for Doc’s new game. Things could be fairly early in development. But, if there’s already concept art being floated around we might not have to wait very much longer.

Either way, whenever more info comes out about a potential release date for this new “vertical BR” we’ll be sure to update this story.