100 Thieves developing video game with pros & streamers

Alan Bernal
100 thieves nadeshot project x

100 Thieves announced the development of its own video game, Project X, which will be a collaborative effort with pros and streamers.

CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag and 100T President John Robinson revealed the org’s next big initiative on May 18, adding another branch to its already-ambitious list of business verticals.

Concrete details of the title are slim but the 100T execs are planning to shake up how game development looks by actively incorporating input from streamers, pros, and community members.

The org gave fans an update on YouTube, revealing its plans to create a new game with the 100 Thieves community.

“It was always such a struggle where I’d be playing some of my favorite games and I’d be waiting for the sequel and these studios just sit in the dark for three years,” Nadeshot said. “There’s just no process where you feel connected to the development of that video game.”

Though Project X is still very early in development, Nadeshot and Robinson ran through a gamut of shooting titles like Halo 2/3, Gears of War, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as inspiration to make their own game.

It’s unclear if 100T will embark on an FPS title, yet there’s almost certainly going to be a strong community element that may invite input from Valkyrae, CouRage, NiceWigg, BrookeAB, and the rest of the org’s army of content creators.

100 Thieves brought on Chief Product Officer Pete Hawley to lead the initiative while the org builds up its roster of game devs to build Project X.

100 thieves nadeshot project x
Nadeshot and 100T are putting a team together to develop codenamed Project X.

Development is expected to start as soon as they build a sufficient team to make the game and they don’t expect the product to be ready “for a few years.”

Nadeshot expressed his excitement to deliver moments to fans that he experienced when playing titles like CoD and Valorant.

Along with the collaborative effort from fans and his team, 100T hope to build a strong entry that can satiate competitive and community-minded players with Project X.

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